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Re: Wordpress

On 20 Dec 2005, Vicki Stanfield wrote:
> > On Mon, Dec 19, 2005 at 08:19:49PM -0000, Vicki Stanfield wrote:
> >
> >> Have you looked at the readme.html file that comes with the package?
> >> On my testing system, it is found in /usr/share/wordpres. It gives
> >> simple instructions, and that might be all you need.
> >
> > The readme is worthless. It does *not* work with the system without vast
> > amounts of tweaking. In the end, I ditched Wordpress in favor of
> > NanoBlogger, and that's working beautifully.
> Interesting. I use WordPress on my Slackware box, and it works
> beautifully. I don't have it on my Debian box except where I added it to
> see where the readme.html would show up to post to your question. I'll
> have to try it later to see what you mean. I had no trouble with
> config'ing it under Slackware though.
> Oh well, experience varies I guess.
> Vicki

Wordpress is working well here too. However, it isn't the deb package
but the vanilla version from Wordpress. Plenty of documentation on


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