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Re: SATA disk driver for an HP ML110G3 server?

David Landgren wrote:
Hello List,

I'm currently evaluating an HP Proliant ML110G3 server. It's small, silent, clean inside and cheap. Really, a nice box. I stuck a testing boot CD into the drive (dated mid-November) and fired it up.

Unfortunately, it wasn't able to auto-detect what disk driver to use. I see a number of sata-* drivers are available, but I don't know how to determine the chipset. HP's website talks of drivers for Red Hat and Suse here:


I suppose the "HP Embedded SATA RAID Controller" is just a rebadged chipset from someone else, but who?

It looks like it's the Intel 7320 chipset. In any event I've tried all the sata-* drivers, and none of the detect the disk. I have a CD-ROM diagnostic disk that spits out all sorts of details like Vendor ID, Device ID, Subsystem ID...

I'm wondering if this is more a straight out linux-kernel issue.

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