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Re: Question on backups using rsync

On Tuesday 20 December 2005 2:19 pm, Andrew Sackville-West wrote:
> I've always worked with the idea of two different kinds of backups.
> 1) a copy of the critical files (accounting, databases, spreadsheets 
> etc.) that are needed for day to day operations in the event of 
> corruption or accidental deletion and the like. These are just copies, 
> in my case, of just a couple of directories. I don't need long term 
> storage, just a few days/weeks of copies that I can refer to incase I 
> blow something.
> 2) a system backup with a snapshot of the entire system. With hours and 
> hours of configuration and setup on my boxes, Id like to have 
> occaisional "snapshots" of the whole system. Then if I lose a machine 
> (hardrive crash, theft, flood whatever) or blow the system up somehow, I 
> can recreate the whole thing a-new relatively easily. In this case, the 
> actual critical data from above would theoretically already be stored 
> and retrievable somewhere (and usable on any system) and therefore, 
> these snapshots do not have to be done as frequently. Just whenever a 
> major system change happens, or every couple months to include small 
> incremental system creep.

My needs/approach is similar to yours.

What I am now doing is I have a MondoRescue DVD containing / (with the
exception of /home as that changes too often) to allow for a bare-metal 
restore; then I have an rsync of everything except /proc/ /tmp/ /mnt/ /sys/ 
and /dev/ (which is handled by udev anyway).

(Mondo takes about five hours to backup/verify about 6GB of data using normal
compression, rsync took about five hours to do inital sync on 93GB.)

Now in theory, (I have done the bare-metal restore using mondorescue before...
so I /know/ that works) the procedure would be restore the system to a working
state via mondo, log in as root, rsync everything back from rsync mirror. Now if I
understand everything correctly that would put me current as of the rsync time.

Please feel free to correct me if I am wrong <g>. 

"Last I checked, it wasn't the power cord for the Clue Generator that
was sticking up your arse."        - John Novak, rasfwrj

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