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Re: popt Isn't Quite Right

don't forget to cc the list.

Umm... I'm saying you have to pass a flag to configure telling it where popt is or you have to edit configure and change the location it uses to find popt. I'm not up on my configure flags but there should be on like --include-path or something like that. try configure --help. Anyway, you may have to set that flag so that it includes the directory where popt is stored. i.e. --include-path <popt location>

sorry I can't be more specific than that.


Martin McCormick wrote:
Andrew Sackville-West writes:

look in configure and see where it is trying to find popt. maybe its looking in the wrong place?

	The example I sent is the whole reference to popt.  I also bet
it is the wrong place but I am not sure what else to do next.


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