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Re: Automatic Debian Installation - Problems on creating the image

> How are you burning the iso? Are you sure that it's
> not a "raw" iso on
> the CD and not a true iso image?
> Thierry

K3B, Nero, mounted as IDE/SCSI device in VMWare, it doesn't matter, the
file structure on the CD is equal to the filestructure I want to burn.
The bootloader works correct and the Debian Installation works correct
until it reaches the step where it searches all drives for the CD,
which it doesn't find. I just can't figure out what the Debian
installer is looking for when searching for the CD. It's apparently not
the name, as I'm using the same as the original. And the
MD5-checksum-file should be the same as no files has been changed.

And since it doesn't work with an original (unchanged) image, from
which I copy all files to the harddrive and create a new image with the
mkisofs-command, it has to be a error in my mkisofs command.


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