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Re: [audio problem] Audio skips

Peter Nuttall wrote:
> On Sun, Dec 18, 2005 at 10:41:25PM +0100, belbo wrote:
>>Yes, my Xorg has -10 priority. And Gnome is quite slow even with -10. X How can
>>I put value down? Which value can I try? Does it make any sense increase player
>>priority? Audio never skipped, probably an upgrade changed some priority.
> renice esd 10 (or -10, I can't remember which )

I'm not running esd.

> [...]
> I can't think what is going wrong, unless you have the wrong driver for
> your soundcard or there is a bug in the sound system. 

I've noticed a very strange behaviour. I run skype with a OSS wrapper called
"aoss". When I switch desktop (or I load a web page), aoss writes down these

write error, written = 256
write error, written = 256
write error, written = 256
write error, written = 546
write error, written = 770
write error, written = 320

It can mean that X produces some sort of audio crap on refreshing.
This sounds crazy, but I can observe it quite clearly. Audio skips exactly on
errors. If I don't switch desktop etc etc., audio works fine.

Does it mean there is a oss related bug in Xorg?

Thank you,

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