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Re: Slowing down exim4

Roberto Sanchez wrote:

I searched [0], but could not find anything that appeared to be easy to implement. You may just be out of luck.

Yea, I've done my fair share of searching as well, and have been luckless thus far.
Incidentally, what braindead policy do they have in place? Are you able to send mail directly? Or do you have to connect to their mail server?

It is Comcast (enough said?). I haven't been able to find any official policy, but my guess is this is done to prevent malware infected computers from sending out hundreds of spams. So, despite my good intentions, I am being limited.

I am connecting to their mail server directly. I don't have the know how of setting up a mail server directly on this Debian unstable machine, nor do I really want to do that.

All the emails do *eventually* get sent out as exim4 goes through its unsent emails, but I prefer to keep my logs uncluttered with the error messages.


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