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Re: Slowing down exim4

Clinton V. Weiss wrote:

It is Comcast (enough said?). I haven't been able to find any official policy, but my guess is this is done to prevent malware infected computers from sending out hundreds of spams. So, despite my good intentions, I am being limited.

I'm sorry to hear that (that Comcast is your ISP). I had a problem previously with SBC (when I was still them), where they started blocking all outbound port 25. I was able to call them up and (after lots of wrangling and arguing with an Indian guy who said his name was "Mike") get them to lift the restriction on my account. Anyhowm you should be able to call up their customer service and get them to lift the restriction your account.

I am connecting to their mail server directly. I don't have the know how of setting up a mail server directly on this Debian unstable machine, nor do I really want to do that.

If you are running Sid, it is probably not a good idea to have a mail server facing directly out to the Internet.

All the emails do *eventually* get sent out as exim4 goes through its unsent emails, but I prefer to keep my logs uncluttered with the error messages.

I see.  Could you not just configure exim to not log those attempts?


Roberto C. Sanchez

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