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Re: [OT] good laptops

Antonio Rodriguez wrote:

> On Wed, Dec 14, 2005 at 01:47:36PM -0800, Paul Johnson wrote:
>> I just got a 1.6 GHz IBM ThinkPad A31 for $500 at budcom.com (Budget
>> Computers, SW 114th Ave and OR-10 and OR-217, Beaverton, Oregon).  That's
>> a much nicer machine, everything on it works, and I've even heard good
>> things about Linux on them (though I haven't tried dual booting it yet).
> Paul, can you post the spec of the machine? (plus, are they used, new?)

Used.  It has a 30GB HD, 256MB RAM, ATI Radeon 7500 Mobility (interesting to
put it in mirror mode and hook the svideo up to the roommate's big screen
HDTV, sit on the coffee table and play Atari Train Simulator with an almost
life-size view, flightgear's my next big screen fodder if I get to keep the
features of the video card in Linux...but since ATI drivers tend to suck
overall and runs on duct-tape and baling wire in Windows, I'm really not
holding my breath on that).

Paul Johnson
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