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Re: Monitor daemon for exim4 logs

* Paulo Marcel Coelho Aragao (pmcaragao-ag@yahoo.com) wrote:
> Hi,
> I have Debian sid running on a standalone laptop. exim4 is my MTA, Yahoo the 
> smarthost, and fetchmail pulls mails from Yahoo and Gmail via POP3.
> Today I had the unpleasant surprise that Yahoo changed the canonical name of 
> its SMTP relay server, and mails I wrote during the day were bounced back by 
> Yahoo. As I map my login name to my Yahoo account name via 
> /etc/email-addresses, exim4 kept trying to relay them to Yahoo, bounce back, 
> same story... Result: all mails were frozen in exim4. After changing Yahoo's 
> canonical name in /etc/exim4/passwd.client, I forced delivery of the frozen 
> messages and had hell to edit one by one, to remove exim4's headers, and 
> resend them.
> I realized that I should be monitoring exim4 logs for errors, so that I'd know 
> when a message is frozen.
> Would anybody have recommendations of lightweight monitors for exim4 logs, 
> something appropriate to a standalone machine with a single user ?
> Thanks for your attention
> Paulo
I have a package in Debian called Geximon (it's a gnome version of eximon), it won't alert you of frozen messages but it will display them in the main window.  It also is not a daemon, but I may add an option for alerting to the presence of frozen messages at some point, if there is any interest.

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