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Re: sane access for non-root user

%% Richard Lyons <richard@the-place.net> writes:

  >> You may have to log out of your Xsession and log in again to get
  >> shells spawned using the new/updated group assignments.  (Is there
  >> a more efficient way to do this?  This seems really inelegant.)

  rl> More than that, I logged out and back on again from console and
  rl> then restarted X.  I had a feeling that was necessary, but perhaps
  rl> it was overkill.  But yes, it is inelegant.

You do have to log out, but you don't have to restart X.  Going back to
your GDM or XDM or whatever screen and logging in again is good enough.

And yes, it's inelegant that you have to do this, but no there's no
better way.  You can test it with the "ssh localhost" trick, but you
have to log out to have it set for your session.

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