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Re: sane access for non-root user

on Tue, Dec 13, 2005 at 04:49:46PM -0500, Paul Smith (psmith@nortel.com) wrote:
> %% Richard Lyons <richard@the-place.net> writes:
>   >> You may have to log out of your Xsession and log in again to get
>   >> shells spawned using the new/updated group assignments.  (Is there
>   >> a more efficient way to do this?  This seems really inelegant.)
>   rl> More than that, I logged out and back on again from console and
>   rl> then restarted X.  I had a feeling that was necessary, but perhaps
>   rl> it was overkill.  But yes, it is inelegant.
> You do have to log out, but you don't have to restart X.  Going back to
> your GDM or XDM or whatever screen and logging in again is good enough.
> And yes, it's inelegant that you have to do this, but no there's no
> better way.  You can test it with the "ssh localhost" trick, but you
> have to log out to have it set for your session.

There's the 'newgrp' command if you want to avoid losing your X session
and can stand winning just one shell at a time.  'sg' is somewhat
analagous to 'su', though at atomic number 106.


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