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Re: sane access for non-root user

On 12/13/05, Richard Lyons <richard@the-place.net> wrote:
> I've just spent over an hour googling in vain.  And I am sure I should
> know the answer to this...
> New sid install (on a not-new Dell Inspiron 8200 FWIW).  Installed xsane
> and can only access it as root.  Added myself to scanner group, but
> still xsane finds 'no devices available' as ordinary user.  Can someone
> remind me or point me at the relevant instructions.
> uname -r says 2.6.12-1-386. udevd is running -- I suppose that is
> obvious as the scanner works for root.  What else is important?

udev isn't setting permissions properly on the device, I would imagine.

I forget exactly where though... /etc/udev/ would be a starting point.

use 'lsusb' to show the device list

When the scanner is plugged in check /proc/bus/usb/XXX/NNN where XXX
is the bus and NNN is the device listed in lsusb output... and find
the device and see what the permissions actually are.

you can manually change the permissions on the device too, just chgrp
scanner NNN and chmod g+rw NNN

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