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Re: sane access for non-root user

Brad Sawatzky wrote:
Are you sure that the group change (ie. adding yourself to 'scanner') has
been applied to the shell you're running xsane from?  (Check the output of
'groups' or 'id -Gn').

You may have to log out of your Xsession and log in again to get shells
spawned using the new/updated group assignments.  (Is there a more efficient
way to do this?  This seems really inelegant.)

A quick workaround to initialize an up-to-date login environment is to 'ssh -X localhost' from within a local shell...

Use 'newgrp <groupname>'. That essentially puts you in a new shell with all the environment carried forward but recognizes the specified group and also makes it the primary group for that shell.

Jerry Quinn

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