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Re: OOo crashes, fails to restore!!

On 12/12/05, Roberto C. Sanchez <roberto@familiasanchez.net> wrote:
> Matt Price wrote:
> > sorry for the exclamation points.  Just lost a crucial day's work --
> > in fact this is breakdown-inducing stuff -- failed to save regularly,
> > and OOo crashed without warning.  Went to restore, and instead of
> > restoring, OOo (, sid) seems to have just flushed the cache.
> > now I've lost a day's work.
> >
> > partly myself to blame.  but partly something is broken in ooo!
> >
> > have to sign off before I start crying.
> >
> Interesting.  The few times that I have used OOo, it has autosaved at
> regular intervals.  When I was brave and running beta versions, the
> restore always worked after a crash.  That said (and I don't mean to
> start a flame war) why not use something more productive like LaTeX?
> You don't mention that you are doing database or spreadsheet type
> things, but if you all you are doing is presentations and document
> composition, LaTeX is far superior.  Though, you do need to get past the
> learning curve.

yes well, never seem to have the time when I need to get my writing done...

identified the problem:  partition was full (mail attack).  OOo
couldn't write the backps, and when it did the recovery, it erased the
backup files before they were actually restored.  It's a bug I guess
,so I will file one upstream  when I have a chance.


> -Roberto
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> Roberto C. Sanchez
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