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Re: OOo crashes, fails to restore!!

Matt Price wrote:
> sorry for the exclamation points.  Just lost a crucial day's work --
> in fact this is breakdown-inducing stuff -- failed to save regularly,
> and OOo crashed without warning.  Went to restore, and instead of
> restoring, OOo (, sid) seems to have just flushed the cache.
> now I've lost a day's work.  
> partly myself to blame.  but partly something is broken in ooo!  
> have to sign off before I start crying.

Interesting.  The few times that I have used OOo, it has autosaved at
regular intervals.  When I was brave and running beta versions, the
restore always worked after a crash.  That said (and I don't mean to
start a flame war) why not use something more productive like LaTeX?
You don't mention that you are doing database or spreadsheet type
things, but if you all you are doing is presentations and document
composition, LaTeX is far superior.  Though, you do need to get past the
learning curve.


Roberto C. Sanchez

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