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How to make a raid 1 on a webserver on woody remotely


Has anybody a tutorial or a success story about this kind of task?

I have a webserver already running with two identical discs but currently
setup without any redundancy (just simple backup).
Can I prepare the second IDE disc on the fly to be part of a mirror set
(raid 1)?
The filesystem ist ext2...
I am a newbie on debian and don't know if the kernel supports raid at all.

I have to be 100 % sure that this "upgrade" works and wanted to do it that

repartition drive 2
format drive 2 (create a fs)
copy system from drive 1 to drive 2
change all reference from drive 1 to drive 2
add a second system to LILO
reboot the system to drive 2
build first raid drive on drive 2
reboot to drive 2
add drive 1
having a raid 1 and then sleep better...

Any details/changes to the process are welcome!

Please help...Thank you very much

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