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Re: How to make a raid 1 on a webserver on woody remotely

Of coursee kernel suport RAID.  
!!!Before you do anything, make backup of data!!!
 You must format disk, so that it can be used as raid. Best would be if
you'd have 2 new harddisks. Format them as raid and mount them. Than you
can copy data in to raid. System files would stay without redundancy.
With coping system files, it is risky(once i wass succesfull, once not).
You could reinstall system to be sure.
If you have just one new disk, then risky way would be:
format new disk as raid, add only one disk into raid. Copy data into
raid (with one disk missing). Than format old disk as raid. Add old disk
to raid. Raid should sinchronize disks (copy data to added disk).
This is just idea. Once i wonted to do it this way, but it did not work
and i had to reinstall the system. 


On Fri, 2005-12-09 at 16:52 +0100, codedummy@hotmail.com wrote:
> Hello,
> Has anybody a tutorial or a success story about this kind of task?
> I have a webserver already running with two identical discs but currently
> setup without any redundancy (just simple backup).
> Can I prepare the second IDE disc on the fly to be part of a mirror set
> (raid 1)?
> The filesystem ist ext2...
> I am a newbie on debian and don't know if the kernel supports raid at all.
> I have to be 100 % sure that this "upgrade" works and wanted to do it that
> way:
> repartition drive 2
> format drive 2 (create a fs)
> copy system from drive 1 to drive 2
> change all reference from drive 1 to drive 2
> add a second system to LILO
> reboot the system to drive 2
> build first raid drive on drive 2
> reboot to drive 2
> add drive 1
> reboot
> having a raid 1 and then sleep better...
> Any details/changes to the process are welcome!
> Please help...Thank you very much
> Peter

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