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Re: Setting local time.

Ken Heard wrote:
In any event I ran it just now and found that the KDE clock applet in the lower right corner of the panel now shows local time when it should, rather than UTC.

base-config configures the settings for the system time. Each user can opt to configure the kde clock to show something entirely different if he/she likes.

I expect that the target file of the second link will allow for switching time from winter to summer and the reverse. I will know for sure on 2 April 2006, when those parts of USA and Canada which use summer time will switch. (It would be useful if those parts of the Northern Hemisphere which use summer time could all switch on the same day.)

Off topic:

Yes, at least it reduced confusion about different times in different countries, when Europe agreed on a single date for all its states. Personally, I hate this switching altogether: There is no advantage to have the sun go down "one hour earlier" in winter than in summer; the length of a day is independent of the fact that silly authorities change their clocks twice a year and force their citizens to do the same; employees and employers should be smart enough to set working times etc. sensible enough to taste local preferences instead of forcing changes of times on everyone across a continent...

Please excuse the length of this response, but I am trying to increase my understanding of how Debian works. I would appreciate any corrections to my understandings as expressed above.

Sorry for my long off topic comment, but I really hope that one day we will again be sensible enough to respect the annual circle of the sun and stop fooling ourselves that it is an advantage to mask this cycle of a year by tuning clocks.


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