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Setting local time.

On boot I want to have the system clock set to local time -- Eastern Standard Time (EST) in my case. First, I want rdate to be run on daily boot to set the hardware clock, which would consequently always be set to UDC. Second, the system clock on boot would have to be set in local time by reference to the hardware clock, -5 in winter and -4 in summer.

	So, I would apprreciate advice on how to do these three tasks:

1) have rdate run on boot,

2) have the system clock set as described above, and

3) have the system know without prompting when the switch from winter to summer time and vice versa.

As for (1), I found that running rdate -t time.nrc.ca will set the hardware clock to UTC. I would like to have this command run on boot, if I can get (2) and (3) to work.

I tried to implement task (2) as follows. I set in /etc/default/rcS to UTC=YES. I assume that the system will now know that the hardware time is UTC. After reading the commented out lines in hwclock.sh and hwclockfirst.sh and the associated README, in hwclockfirst.sh I set TZ=EST. However, on reboot the system clock is still set to UTC.

As for (3), in my system (sarge with KDE) there is a directory /usr/share/zoneinfo which has a file EST5EDT, which may be relevant. There is also in this file a symbolic link localtime -> /etc/localtime, but the target file (/etc/localtime) does not exist.

I also found a directory /usr/share/configlets/timezoneconf with three files therein: main.glade, main.py and time.xpm. Are these relevant?

	Any and all help will be appreciated.

				Ken Heard
				Toronto, Canada
				Museologist, specializing in
				technology and transport

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