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Solution: Re: screen with caption and missing %h (hardstatus) data

On 12/08/2005 03:46 PM, Clemens Schwaighofer wrote:
> hi,
> I run several testing boxes and one unstable box. On all of them I use
> screen with a simple "caption" line where I want to use %h tag for
> getting the current hardstats (user@host:path).
> The strange thing is, except on one box (my main working box) this does
> not work. All of the screenrc files are as is from the screen package
> and all have exactly the same .screenrc in my user home, which has just
> one entry, the "caption" definition, which is the same everywhere.
> But all hosts have an empty %h, except mine. I really don't know why.
> Where do I have to look, or what do I have to check, to get this
> working? Is there some other package, (term config?) that configures this?

reason is:

when I localy start a terminal, it recoginzes it is in an X enviroment
and sets the PROMPT_COMMAND.

but remote he doesn not, because there is not X enviroment. therefore
there is no hardstat line.

for having a prompt (%h) all the time, you need to insert this (or
similar, format up to you) line into the .bashrc for your user _AND_ all
users you "su - " to. so eg root user.

export PROMPT_COMMAND='echo -ne

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