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Re: *nix cert

On Thu, 8 Dec 2005, Justin Gallardo wrote:

> Haha, funny enough. I am currently a student at a four year, and a  
> term of tuition, including my housing costs (3 terms a year) was  
> $4600, for in-state tuition. I would say that a few good certs would  
> be much more cost effective.

costwize, i was just using costs of "per-unit class time" and
excluding housing/food/transportation/etc/etc/etc/ beer and pizza $$ too
	and if you want .. stanford starts at about $25K per quarter
	as does all them big-name private schools

cost bene of a 4yr degree is ez to figure out ...

just compare salaries for folks with BS/MS/PhDs
and salaries for those with just certs 

the problem is some folks with bs/ms/phD tend to also have certs
which can skew the results to what you want to see

folks with 4yr degree tend to make 50% or 2x or more than those with just
certs or 2 yr degrees ... and gazillion time more if you make it to 
founder shareholders


for me .. just having certs won't cut it, to get that ph interview call
to get to the next step .. 

c ya

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