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tools Re: Slightly OT: Comments, ideas, or suggestions for improving websites

hi ya andy

On Wed, 7 Dec 2005, Andy Streich wrote:

> But I expect you to have something in mind as well -- something of your own 
> that has motivated you to create a new Debian site.

yup.. :-)

> Anyway, I'd love to see not just docs for new users but configuration software 
> that plays an active role in plugging  the holes.  Don't just give me better 
> things to read (although that's great), give me a tool that finds and fixes 
> problems.

you want a tool to find other tools :-)

most of the config tools exists .. some good .. some terrible ..
and depending on the users level of requirements, some of the tools are
worthless if it doesn't do the remaining 5% - 10% of the work correctly

- ie.. faster to add/fix the missing line in the config files
  than to play with tools that is basically broken

  webmin is the purrfect example to me of what's broken,
  but is agoo dstart for beginners that like to point-n-click 
  because if you looked at the files, what to change in the config
  files would be deep void
	- it's close but not good enuff for me or for me to tell
	my customers to use it instead of paying me to fix it
	especially after they already tried webmin and other tools

- tools to find tools ..
	most of these tools already exists and does work,
	but there is no one wrapper gui to select the various 
	"help me, please" problem and resolutions

	whomever writes a usable "wrapper gui" will do a fair amt of
	notoriety and good-famous

- everything needs to be tested ...

	- more you know .. the better it will be tested provided
	time and resources is available for "testing" vs the 
	"oops we lost data.. quick, restore from backups"

- tools for testing each major apps

- tools for testing hw compatibility ... just try and cross your fingers
- tools for dns config
- tools for sound config
- tools for kernel config
- tools for modules config
- tools for raid config
- tools for printer config
- tools for secure imaps/pop3 config
- tools for mta config
- tools for antivirus config and testing
- tools for anti-spam that actually work without too much time wasted
- tools for webserver config
- tools for db config
- tools for samba config
- tools for backups
- tools for copying xx to yyy ( anything to anywhere )
- tools for ... blah blah ...

- tools for general how to change from foo-version to woody to sarge or
  sid or foo-bar
- tools for security hardening 
- tools for security audits
- tools for buffer overflows
- tools for out-of-date or obsolete apps
- tools for more security blah-blahs

- tools for disks optimization
- tools for kernel optimization
- tools for nfs optimization
- tools for cpu/memory optimization
- ...

that covers some of the basics of the config problems

... endless list

c ya

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