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Re: One stage rsync

Olleg <olleg_s@mail.ru> writes:

> Goswin von Brederlow wrote:
>> That said, what happens when e.g. the rsync stops halfway?
> I make experiment, kill rsync server on transfer.
>> Does it update the files it already has?
> No
>> Does it keep the files delayed and resume on the next run?
>> Does it remove the updates and start fresh the next time?
> Keep files delayed in .~tmp~ subdir by default, don't remove it on
> error. (IMHO this is bug of rsync.) But on rsync next time don't use
> it, simple rewrite.
> --
> Olleg

Keeping the incomplete file isn't an error. On restart rsync should
add the block checksums of the incomplete file to the existing files
blocklist and reuse that data. But that might make thinks more


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