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Re: One stage rsync

Olleg <olleg_s@mail.ru> writes:

> Hi all.
> I am working on debian and debian-amd64 mirror. There are two
> recommended mirror scripts. In both two stage rsync, first to download
> packages, second to update index files after download.
> I use one stage, here example:
> rsync --verbose --recursive --links --hard-links --times --delete-after
> --delay-updates
> IMHO I achieve the same with only one rsync command, isn't it? With
> this options rsync:
> 1. Download new files and modified, but modified don't replace old
> files yet.
> 2. Replace old files with new versions after download complete
> (--delay-updates).
> 3. Delete absent files (--delete-after) at the end.
> Benefit is obvious. May be change recommended mirror scripts?

How new is the --delay-updates option? It probably was introduced
after the mirror scripts were written.

That said, what happens when e.g. the rsync stops halfway? Does it
update the files it already has? Does it keep the files delayed and
resume on the next run? Does it remove the updates and start fresh the
next time?

Apart from that question a single rsync run is certainly much better.


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