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all my email vanished -- again

Yes, last night all the massages I had left in /var/mail/hendrik
vanished *again*.  Just like the night before.  Of course, by the
time I got to look at my mail, a few new ones had arrived.

I'm starting to think it's not just a fluke.

>From the archive on lists.debian.org (since this message, which I hadn't even *read* wasn't in my /var/mail/hendrik this morning)

Almut Behrens <almut_behrens@gmx.net> wrote:
> That other problem you mentioned in your original post makes me think
> there might be a problem with the filesystem/harddisk -- in which case
> those files could be lost forever, unless you have a recent backup...
> Have you run a filesystem check?  Any other files missing?

No other files missing.
File system check reports that the file system is clean, immediately, without
apparently actually checking the partition.

Just in case, I have moved the entire /var/mail directory to another partition.
We'll see if the mail-stealing elves visit me again tonight.

-- hendrik

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