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Re: all my email vanished -- again

On Friday 02 December 2005 07:25, Hendrik Boom wrote:
> Yes, last night all the massages I had left in /var/mail/hendrik
> vanished *again*.  Just like the night before.  Of course, by the
> time I got to look at my mail, a few new ones had arrived.
> I'm starting to think it's not just a fluke.

This really makes me suspect a cron job gone awry.  Check both your crontab 
and root's, and check everything in /var/log/, too.  Also, look closely at 
applications that are running overnight.

If you shut down the computer overnight, and noticed your mail missing when 
you booted up, then I would check shutdown and startup scripts 
in /etc/init.d/.

If you don't have any new mail yet, what's the modify date 
of /var/mail/hendrik?  It may give you a general idea of when this is 

Hope that helps,

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