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Re: [root user] How to disable root account?

On 01/12/05, Christian Folini <christian.folini@time-machine.ch> wrote:

> The sudo/wheel approach is also a handy one when you want to update
> the root password regularly, but you do not want to  tell it to
> everyone. Say you work in an heterogenous enterprise with lots of
> admins having their unix workstation. They need root permissions on
> their desktop machine, but you do not want to distribute the root
> password (lacking the encrypted channel to reach everyone for example).
> Then you can add them to the wheel group and give them a root
> shell that way. Meanwhile you can update the root password
> without any problem.

What would be the point of updating the root password in this case?

> Ubuntu follows this road a bit further by setting a random root
> password nobody actually knows.

That's untrue, and would be a very bad idea.

> having to explain to my boss why i do not know the root password of
> our linux workstations did not seem that attractive.

Why, is he really stupid?

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