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Re: Ubuntu's unstable vs Debian unstable

Derek Broughton wrote:
> Why is a legitimate question a troll?  Sid & Dapper _are_ both routinely
> "testy" (I prefer not to say "broken" - it's not as if it shouldn't be
> expected).  Asking which is less broken may be naive but there's no reason
> to assume it's malicious.  And asking of only _one_ of these groups would
> be sure to get a biased response.

    Because the best trolls are legitimate questions.  For example, ahem...
meeeemeeeee memememeee...

    Which is better, Emacs or vi?

    It's a legitimate question but you know the hell that fires up whenever it
is mentioned.  Imagine it crossposted between a vim mailing list, emacs list
and XEMacs mailing list (just for giggles).  Sure, asking on any one list
would give a biased answer but asking on all at once where the biases clash is
a surefire way to start some serious crap; the very definition of a troll.

    Ubuntu and Debian are like that in a way.  Not saying either user base is
as staunchly set in their ways but there has been some friction between the

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