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Re: Ubuntu's unstable vs Debian unstable

Steve Lamb wrote:

> Michael Beattie wrote:
>> That may be so, but why are you using dapper instead of breezy anyway?
>     More important questions are:
> a: why is he crossposting what looks to be a troll to both mailing lists
> and...
> b: why are people replying to what looks like a troll to both mailing
> lists?  :)

Why is a legitimate question a troll?  Sid & Dapper _are_ both routinely
"testy" (I prefer not to say "broken" - it's not as if it shouldn't be
expected).  Asking which is less broken may be naive but there's no reason
to assume it's malicious.  And asking of only _one_ of these groups would
be sure to get a biased response.

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