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Re: Ubuntu's unstable vs Debian unstable

I haven't read the whole thread, so please pardon me if I repeat something.

One area that causes many conflicts has Ubuntu "ahead" of Debian.  Ubuntu is stabilized on Python 2.4, whereas Debian packages all demand <2.4 (Python 2.3 is "official"). 

The problem is exacerbated because 'apt' interprets the dependency on what seems a "broken" manner.  "Depends: Python < 2.4" would seem to be satisfied by the presence of Python-2.3.  However, apt is interpreting this as "Conflicts: Python >= 2.4".  (I'll try  to say more on that subject elsewhere and later).

Anyway, it's very difficult to pick and choose on the basis of who is more or less stable (speaking, of course, only of the software).  It's bound to vary from week to week. 

Tshepang Lekhonkhobe wrote:
>From what I read on the lists it seems that Ubuntu's unstable is
generally more broken than Debian's, making me feel safer using Sid.
Could anyone confirm this.


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