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PC Slowdowns and Lock-ups

Hi All,

I am running Debian Sarge on my work PC and over the past couple of weeks I have
noticed it getting slower and slower. The PC had been running very well for
months previously using both Sarge and Sid.
It is by no means a high spec computer, (Athlon 900MHz, 512Mb PC133 SDRAM, 80Gb
Hard Drive, ATI Radeon 9250 128Mb Graphics Card), but as I say it has been
running well for months now.
The problems begin as soon as I am logged into the system. The cursor will move
very, very slowly, if at all. If I manage to open an application there is a good
chance it will lock-up the computer completely. If not, I have to either use
extreme patience and SLOWLY drag the cursor to the quit button, (which can take
many minutes) or use ALT+F4. The slowdowns and lock-ups appear completely random
and I can go for hours or sometimes days without any occurring, though I spent
three days last week when the PC was completely unusable due to the slowness.
I suspect it may have more to do with Hardware than the OS as I have also run
Knoppix on it out of curiosity. It was equally slow.
If anyone has any ideas or suggestions I would be very grateful.

James Caldow

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