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Re: Debian Wireless Networks

Le Mercredi 30 Novembre 2005 01:09, Leonid Grinberg a écrit :


since you still have "the other operating system", I would suggest that you 
use it in order to gather information about the hardware with the thing 
called "control panel" if i remember right...

> Hello,
> A few hours ago, I have installed Debian Testing on a friend's laptop.
> The laptop came with Windows XP, and we agreed to make a dual boot of
> both. Most things work in Debian. There are a few problems, but by far
> the biggest and most important is the fact that it does not work at
> *all* with wireless networks. Unfortunately, neither I nor him know
> almost anything about the computer. We know that it has an AMD
> processor, and that's about it.
> The wireless network is crucial. He uses the laptop both at home and
> at school. At home, it is difficult for him to use a wired network
> because of router positions, etc. At his school there is a free Wi-fi
> connection which students can use, but he needs wireless to be working
> for that as well.
> I know that it is really difficult to help not knowing even what
> wireless card he has, but could someone at least point me in the right
> direction? I suspect that a driver and/or kernel module is not
> installed or is not being started.
> Thank you,
> Leonid Grinberg
> lgrinberg@gmail.com

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