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Re: Filesharing on small LAN

> On Mon, Nov 28, 2005 at 10:22:31PM +0100, Lars wrote:
> > I hate to said it/use this expression, but i'm looking for a simple MS 
> > peer-to-peer/small AD, just in Linux. I properly missed something...
> "MS peer-to-peer/small AD" is greek to me.  Can you be more specific
> about your needs?

Until the OP responds, it might be best to work on the presumption that 
once connected, all available shares immediately become available.

> Sorry to say it, but Linux filesharing is really not where it should
> be

I agree.

> and I think there is no established system allowing automatic
> discovery (other than Samba).

Which is probably the best solution, in this case, I suspect.

> 90% of the time automatic discovery is unimportant and NFS suffices.

Ouch! How do you know my requirements? ;-) On the contrary, automatic 
discovery can be a deal breaker. Without Samba - or its equivalent, if 
there is one - we wouldn't have Linux here at all.


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