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where should i report this error

To whom is dealing with this,

I found an error in the documentation of my debian version of linux 
2.4.27-2-386.  Whist wishing to upgrade to the newest stable kernel
2.6.8, I 
was following strict instructions as it is my first time.  Followed
section under 

Current Minimal Requirements

Upgrade to at *least* these software revisions before thinking you've
encountered a bug!  If you're unsure what version you're currently
running, the suggested command should tell you.

Again, keep in mind that this list assumes you are already
functionally running a Linux 2.4 kernel.  Also, not all tools are
necessary on all systems; obviously, if you don't have any PCMCIA (PC
Card) hardware, for example, you probably needn't concern yourself
with pcmcia-cs.

o  Gnu C                  2.95.3                  # gcc --version
o  Gnu make               3.79.1                  # make --version
o  binutils               2.12                    # ld -v
o  util-linux             2.10o                   # fdformat --version
o  module-init-tools      0.9.10                  # depmod -V
o  e2fsprogs              1.29                    # tune2fs
o  jfsutils               1.1.3                   # fsck.jfs -V
o  reiserfsprogs          3.6.3                   # reiserfsck -V 2>&1|
grep reiserfsprogs
o  xfsprogs               2.6.0                   # xfs_db -V

And as I am actually using ReiserFS went to see which version I have.  
Currently the latest version 3.6.19, and have checked under unstable
testing and this is the most current version not 3.6.3 as stated in the 

Is only a minor error, but one never-the-less.  Will stop people
around for something that is not there like I have done.

Many Thanks and Good Luck with the project.


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