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WordPerfect 8.0

Those of you who go back to before the earth's crust hardened, may remember Corel WordPrefect 8.0 (and 8.1). WP 8.0 was released by Corel about 2000. It (and 8.1) were the only versions of WP which were native to Linux. (WP 10 was ported from Windows to Linux through Corel's own vintage of wine.)

I am a Word Perfect diehard. Consequently, in 2000, as part of my conversion to Linux, I acquired Corel WordPerfect 8.0. However, am only now trying to defenistrate myself and take up Linux by means of Debian Sarge.

I have the Corel CDROM which has on it the WP 8.0. .deb package. There is however a dependency problem on which I would like some advice.

The WP 8.0 package depends on only two other packages, libc5 and xlib6g. The former is still available from the Debian archive; so I was able to install it and its dependency ldso.

The other dependency, xlib6g, is the problem. This one was created by Corel, and as far as I know it in now only available on the same CDROM which has WP 8.0. I was able to add it to my sources.lst by running apt-cdrom. I then ran a test install using aptitude.

Aptitude listed the six packages it would conflict with, none of which I have or need. It also listed two dependencies, both of which I had already installed for other packages. However, when I ran a test installation with aptitude, it wanted to remove 175 other packages, including most of the KDE packages.

Debian being Debian, surely there is a way to install xlib6g without having to remove all 175 of those other packages. As the name is unique, and no other package besides the WP 8.0 one depends on it, presumably its presence will not affect adversely any of those others.

This package, xlib6g, contains many small files which it would install in subfolders in the /usr/X11R6/include/X11/ folder. Most of these files would be put into two subfolders which do not now exist in my box, /xkb/ and /locale/.

The others would be put in the /bitmaps/ folder. Many but not all of the files to be put there have the same names and sizes as files already there. Since these are bitmap files, surely the files already there could be safely overwritten -- unless there is a way to prevent overwriting on installation of xlib6g.

I short, can I install xlib6g in such a way that it does not remove 175 other packages I need and use? If so, how do I do it?

				Ken Heard
				Toronto, Canada
				Museologist, specializing in
				technology and transport

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