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Re: Mounting an iPod via USB

Josh Battles wrote:
> I've got an iPod that I'd like to use and for the life of me I can't figure
> out how to mount the thing.
> I'm running Sarge and have the debian package for gtkpod installed, as well
> as USB support compiled into my kernel (2.4.27).  I've never used a USB
> device under linux before, all of my devices has the appropriate interfaces
> (parallel/ps2/etc) so I've not had the need.
> If I connect the iPod, its screen tells me not to remove it, but I cannot see
> that it's mounted anywhere.  From what I've been able to gather through
> googling it should show up as a SCSI device but it does not.
> What am I missing here?

A long time ago I set mine up, at that time linux only supported connections to
the ipod via firewire.  Not sure if things have changed since.

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