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Re: Suspend to disk

Matt Price wrote:
On 11/8/05, Mike McCarty <mike.mccarty@sbcglobal.net> wrote:

Antonio Paiva wrote:

Hi all.

I'm currently using Debian testing (started with Sarge and upgraded to
Etch), and I would like to know if anyone was able to reliably suspend
its computer to disk. If so, could you tell me how?


Please, if you get any progress or regress, let us know! I'd
love to be able to have my UPS make my computer suspend to
disc when it started to run down.

for that I'm pretty sure you would want both suspend2 (suspends very
reliably, make your kernel w/out initrd though which means ext2 & ext3
as pats of kernel, not as modules) & acpi (reads power-related signals
from power button etc).  I have both working on a desktop w/
kernel, I love it!  Now if only I could get suspend2, acpi, and pcmcia
all working in the smae kernel build, my laptop would be just as good

Unfortunately, I can't boot with acpi on. I'm using 2.6.10 kernel.
Wouldn't like to have to rebuild the kernel just to make my UPS
suspend to disc.

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