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Re: cannot get into X - after testing dist-upgrade 11-03-05

mailmanmike@sbcglobal.net wrote:

> Now I have a good mouse, and the nvidia driver is working so X works
> fine.
> The problem is now, the keyboard doesn't work at all.
> It's getting so close, please help me fix the keyboard?

Does the CAPSLOCK key activate the indicator LED?

If you have a ?dm that allows you to log into the console instead of X,
does the keyboard work in the console?

If you don't have such a ?dm, if you can ssh in from another computer,
you should be able to kill X/?dm, and then go to the first computer to
see if the keyboard works in the console.

This will let us know if the keyboard problem is in X, or "deeper" in
the system.


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