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Re: cannot get into X - after testing dist-upgrade 11-03-05

mailmanmike@sbcglobal.net wrote:

> OK, I am stuck. I cannot get the log file. I am mostly ignorant when
> it comes to the in-depth stuff on Linux.
> The main error sems to be "fail to initiate core devices."
> In the past, when similar problems occured, I have been able to get
> into X by using the NV or VESA driver instead of the nvidia, but now
> there is no way I can get into X.

Does it maybe refer to "core input devices"?

If so, that probably means it can't find your mouse.

When you say you "cannot get the log file", do you mean you can't find
it? you can't understand it? you can't copy it into an email to post to
this list?


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