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Re: qemu & vt's

On Fri, Nov 04, 2005 at 05:57:26PM +0100, Lubos Vrbka wrote:
> >i needed libsdl-dev. that's a virtual, provided by libsdl1.2-dev.
> >i also ended up needing gcc-3.4. kqemu was picky about that. so my
> >configure line look like,
> >$ ./configure --cc=gcc-3.4
> thanks, i'll give it a try.
> it didn't compile with gcc-4.0? what about the kqemu module? my kernel 
> is compiled with 4.0 so kqemu has to be compiled with it as well...

qemu didn't mind, it was kqemu's request that i use gcc-3.4, but my
kernel was compiled by gcc-3.4.

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