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Re: qemu & vt's

> ok, here's a question: somehting is wrong with my cd -- "error
> installing the base system"  If I were on a real, physical computer, I
> would ctrl-alt-F2 to a ocnsole, or ctrl-alt-f3 to the error log, and
> try to diagnose the problem.  But on qemu ctrl-alt releases the
> "grab", so it seems to be impossible to do.  Is there some way to
> switch virtual terminals in qemu?

found the answer here:

You need to access the "qemu monitor" using ctrl-alt-2 (not f2, 2).  I
kept reading that wrong in the manual... the monitor is a very cool
tool, among other things it can send a keystroke to the
simulation thus:
sendkey ctrl-alt-f2

wicked cool.  now I'm going to figure out how to install kqemu to make
things a bit faster, and then I'm off to try out ReactOS & install
those games my kids want to play!  how utterly cool!


man is this ever cool!  hard to believe it Just Works so easily.,  I
feel omnipotent!  THis makes me really

> nonetheless, I can already see how cool this is...
> Matt

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