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Re: help needed installing Debian

On Thu November 3 2005 10:58 am, Goran Dimovksi wrote:
> Hello every body,
> I have some problems installing Debian.
> I did download  Debian 3.1 i386 netinst. And the systmes is :
> mobo-Tyan S5112
> CPU-Intel Pentium 4 3.0Ghz/800Mhz
> HDD--3x250GB SATA conected to 3ware RAID controler card.
> With RAID-5 configured
> memory-2x512Mb DDR nonEcc-nonReg
> That is the configurantion on the system.
> So I boot Debian form the CD, I do the partition, it starts reading and
> uploading the packets.
> But the problem is when it comes to a point (Installing the base system)
> It stops on ' configuring the network...1%'
> Then it freezes on that point and that's it.
> I was wondering is there something that i'm doing wrong or did i missed
> something?
> I do apreciate your help on this one.

I'm not sure what the problem is. Have you tried using expert mode to install? 
IIRC typing expert at the boot prompt will do that. You'll have to answer 
more questions during the install and it may give you a better idea of what 
could be wrong.

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