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Re: Easy Debian Wireless 101

Robert D. Crawford wrote:

> "Michael Perry" <mperry@lnxpowered.org> writes:
> > Steve Lamb wrote:
> > 
> >> Does anyone have any recommendations for the
> >> simplest card to get working with Debian?  
> > I think the easiest I have ever done is a orinoco pci adaptor with a
> > gold 11b card in it.  
> I am not sure if it is an issue with the gold card, or if it affects
> the pci version of the cards, but the orinoco name was attached to
> several cards.  This seems not to be a problem until Proxim started
> making them and came out with Rev.4.  This one had an Agere chipset
> that has no support from the in-kernel drivers.  There is supposedly
> one driver that can be downloaded from Agere for the 2.4.x kernels,
> but I could not compile it.  Stay the hell away from the proxim cards.
> rdc

Definitely!  I should mention as a followup that I purchased one of the
proxim cards about 2 years ago thinking it would just work with the
existing orinoco drivers.  The card simply does not work with any
drivers on recent kernels.  The classic gold card is identified pretty
well the last time I did an ebay search and mine look a bit different
from the proxim card I still have that is kinda worthless to me except
on XP.  The PCI adaptor is also cheap and will take either a silver or
gold classic card.  If memory serves on a desktop, I got it working
about the same way as I did a regular wireless card on a laptop.  I
installed the card in a cheapo IBM desktop and it worked without too
many frustrations.

Ebay is probably the best choice for the original orinoco gold classic
cards and you shold be able to outfit a desktop for a pretty good price.

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