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Re: python apache modules

Roberto C. Sanchez wrote:
On Sat, Oct 22, 2005 at 10:37:27AM -0400, Tom Allison wrote:

I am currently running a web page that is a python based CGI for serving up the puzzles and would like to migrate this to some kind of module similar to mod_perl (of which I'm more familiar). What packages in Stable are available? Are they in good standing (long exposure, stability...)

Did you bother to search at all?

A simple `apt-cache search apache python` will list what you need.
Basically, there are mod_python packages for both apache and apache2,
depending on which you are running.  There is also a documentation
package, and of course the documentation at www.modpython.org.


OK, I didn't think that one was a very good question.
But I'm really uncertain how to proceded on the secure transfer question.

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