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PCMCIA Netgear MA401RA not working anymore after Sid dist-upgrade

Hi to all,

Well I guess the subject if this message says it all:  I was running happily 
my wireless PCMCIA Netgear MA401RA card since 3 years on my Debian 
Sid/2.6.5/Sony Vaio PCG-K13Q laptop when suddenly, it stopped working just 
after I did a dist-upgrade yesterday (October 21).  Before, when I was 
inserting the card, I had a "deep deep" sound and right after, I was up and 
running with my wireless connection.  Now, I get a "deep doop" sound, and no 
connection.  However, the card seems to still be recognized:  doing a 
"cardctl ident" at root gives me this:

 Socket 0:
  product info: "NETGEAR MA401RA Wireless PC", "Card", "ISL37300P", 
  manfid: 0x000b, 0x7300
  function: 6 (network)

Here's some more info:
  - pcmcia-cs, linux-wlan-ng and wireless-tools packages ared installed;
   -pcmcia_core, orinoco_cs, orinoco, ds, yenta-socket and modules are loaded 
at boot, by way of /etc/modules;
   -in /etc/pcmcia/config file, I can find the following lines:
	card "Netgear MA401RA Wireless Adapter"
  	  version "NETGEAR MA401RA Wireless PC", "Card"
  	  bind "orinoco_cs"  

Also, I can get a wireless network connection with the built-in (but less 
reliable and more slower) Atheros Madwifi card.

When I did the dist-upgrade, I observed that the hotplug package had to be 
removed, because of incompatiblity with udev and hal packages.  I tried to 
reinstalled hotplug, but without results.

I'm a little bit clueless right now...

Someone can help me solving this.


Marco Laverdière

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