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Re: WiFi Problems (It doesn't work properly)

"if at all" is an indication of not working. Your very first post said the
same. The question is whether it works (ie, _reliably_) when you use
"dhclient ath0", which you've twice implied it does.  Stop going off on
tangents and just answer the questions!

No. It is not reliable. It barely works. Yes, there is an internet connexion. No, it is not tollerable. Example. I ask synaptic to reload (apt-get update). It will take a LONG time to connect to the, say, debian repository. Once it connects to the repository, it will download the headers at a normal ADSL speed. No problem. It's the connecting that is the problem: A given programme will never connect on the first shot to a given web related thing (Gaim, Gnutella, Firefox, Synaptic et cetera). Please say that this answers the questions: We REALLY need to get this part straight. :-) Tis is a simple case of misinterpretation. No problem.

I give up. DNS doesn't work that way.  SO REMOVE IT.  I promise you it will
make NO difference, but it's obviously the only thing you'll trust.  It
will get changed back next time you configure an interface, but it'll stay
however you set it long enough to prove it makes no difference.

ALRIGHT. It's forgotten. No problems, yes?

But wait! I now have another problem!

Realising that I could use an smp kernel with the Pentium 4 proccessor, I switched. HA! Madwifi: Gone. No problem, we go back to the marlow.dk website and just do it again, right?

WRONG! It won't recompile, claiming

ake-kpkg --append-to-version "-1-686-smp" --revision 2.6.12-1-686-smp --config old configure
I note that you are using the --revision flag with the value
However, the ./debian/changelog file exists, and has a different value
I am confused by this discrepancy, and am halting.

It would seem to me that the smp is the problem.

Is there a way around this? With out this step, I can not get the driver at all.

Next question. I notice in iwconfig I have eth0, eth1 and sit0 (ethernet, eth1 (wireless?) and sit0 (the dial-up)). It also says that there is no wireless extension for any of these.

Is there a better way than madwifi? Why does madwifi give me an ath0 when I already have eht1?

I'm actually really sorry to do this to you. You are earnestly trying to help and I'm being a blooming pain in the arse. I know this and I appologise. I tend to get really mad when things really don't work.

Thank you kindly none the less. I will continue to try to compile it. Wish me good skill.

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