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Command line reference

Good morning!

Quick, how many commands are there at the disposal of a CLI enthusiast? Every time some newbie asks how to do this that or something else, along comes a new command "that-was-always-there" but sort of "unknown". Now that's security through obscurity for you! This is not a rant....I love the number of commands in Linux and the control that they can give.

But I'd like to see, ideally in one place, ALL the Debian commands. Then instead of asking someone on the list (bless ya, guys and girls) how I can to XYZ via ABC given that LMN are doing a QRS, I could peruse this one place and then toddle off to the man pages (or google or whereever) to get the syntax and nitty-gritty.

And then if all goes fubar I could ask for help :)

Is there such a site?

FWIW, googling "Debian command line reference" gave no hits. Googling "Linux command line reference" gave some 1160 inlcuding this one: http://mygamecompany.com/Linux/Commandline/linuxcommandline.htm, but how much is Debian?



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