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Re: WiFi Problems (It doesn't work properly)

Yes, ping by default never stops.  If you just want it to send a few packets
you can use the -c option.

Good to know. What was the arping you had me do? Is it only for the Router?

Did you try your applications once you had your connection up?  They should
have worked as well.

They did not.

  I suspect the problem is with the configuration you
have in /etc/network/interfaces.  Or maybe the problem was with your WEP
configuration.  Try recreating the configuration you applied in steps 1
through 3 in /etc/network/interfaces.  Something like:

iface mytest inet dhcp
  wireless-enc off
  wireless-essid myessid
  wireless-channel mychannel

Then bring ath1 up like this:
ifdown ath1
ifup ath1=mytest

Then test the connection.  Try pinging and some other applications.  Let me
know how that works for you.

The only problem I have with this is that I use KWiFi Manager, since I also connect to a WiFi at my College. If I were to change the interfaces file thus, I would need to change it each time I changed networks. Currently, the interfaces file only has some thing for lo (loopback). If you still believe, however, that doing this would help my cause; certainly, I am willing.

I have been thinking (at the thought of my friend). Looking up the SpeedStream 6520 (my Router), it turns out that (at least in Australia, where the Pamphlet is published: I'm in Canada) the Router may just have a Firewall.

Could this be the problem?

Thank you kindly.

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