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Re: Is there any application like Google Desktop on Linux?

Jerzy Kozera wrote:

On Tuesday, 4 of October 2005 18:48, TAC Forums wrote:
I just saw the power of Goolge Desktop on a Windows XP machine. Is
there any application like it on GNU/Linux (Debian)?

There are at least two similiar open-source projects:
- Beagle [http://beaglewiki.org/] for GNOME, written with mono
- Kat [http://kat.mandriva.com/ - .deb's are there] for KDE

There's beagle package in Sid, but it doesn't seem to have the latest version, so you might want to try building it from sources..
Beagle is in unstable now. It's still a little buggy, but it works for the most part.


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